Zac Childs of Truetone

In this episode, Richard and Nate sit down with the one and only Zac Childs.  Zac is the Director of Distributor Sales for Truetone as well as the writer of the column Ask Zac for Vintage Guitar Magazine. Zac spent time on the road as a guitar tech for Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood as well. Zac is a wealth of knowledge and a super great guy!  We touch on everything from fun Brad Paisley stories to the history of Truetone in this great episode. He mentions his experience with traveling to many different places and how it led to where he is today. Zac also shares insight from a distributors point of view and how the one spot came to be the staple product it is today. You’ve got to listen to this one!


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Richard and Nate with Zac Childs of Truetone.

Richard and Nate with Zac Childs of Truetone.

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